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  The Witch House by The Creeping Ivies

The Witch House cover art

Artist: The Creeping Ivies
Title: The Witch House
Catalogue Number: Flowers in the Dustbin Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

Yeah, like the world needs another rock ‘n’ Roll band from Scotland. Like the world needs cheese strips or, God forbid, added calcium in our factory produced fodder. That said, we are talking The Creeping Ivies have the girl with guitar thing going in the favour and, let’s face it, that’s way better than strip after strip of scrumminess.

So, without further ado, let us now consider the worth and health giving properties of “The Witch House”. First up, there’s a certain nutritional value to Becca Murray’s robust vocals as she get her teenage kicks with “Bye Bye Babe”. It’s the kind of song that keeps you going all through the night.  “Only The Moon” follows on in a similarly purposeful way with a punch the air and clap your hands chorus more than likely to make you believe that fifties revisionism is all you need to get by. The three in the one-two-three is the title track of this three times three minute bitch slapping collection and “The Witch House”, blessed with simplicity of purpose, sets about making you wish that all music was designed to fit on the gloriously arcane format of the vinyl single.

Once again, the past is the new black and The Creeping Ivies make rock ‘n’ roll seem like the future. I worship because, deep down inside, I want to be as cool as them.
Review Date: July 8 2015