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  Hidden Waters by CALLmeKAT

Hidden Waters cover art

Artist: CALLmeKAT
Title: Hidden Waters
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

I am, and no doubt always will be, a fan of mature pop music. Not pop music for the mature of mind but the kind of that highlights an ability to create a well constructed song with flourishes like hooks and choruses. CALLme KAT has that ability – perhaps no surprise as she hails from the very same Denmark that brought us Fallulah – but she also displays some distinctly American sensibilities in her album “Hidden Waters”.

The title song, for instance, could easily have been from the pen of Greta Morgan in her Hush Sound days although Katrine Ottosen, for it is she, adds her own splash of laconic style and takes your lasting impression of the song all the way back to the sixties. The laidback electro pop of “Cold Summer” allows her to turn up the drama a notch but it is her wistful voice that makes you turn into the sun to avoid eternal enslavement.

It is, however, her poise that carries the album. There is a casual indifference to all that counts as pop music these days with both “Strangers”, in particular, showing that a cover version can be taken by force or integrity but only integrity makes someone else’s song seem part of the whole.

If you have ears then use them for CALLmeKAT is there to be heard.
The album is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: July 10 2015