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  Seconds / Joya Split LP by Seconds / Joya

Seconds / Joya Split LP cover art

Artist: Seconds / Joya
Title: Seconds / Joya Split LP
Catalogue Number: Soft Power Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

The man with the plan asks what I would do with a split LP featuring Glasgow Band Seconds and London band Joya. I would persuade it to challenge itself to a duel. After all, we like a fight with our beer up here.

So, let’s see, or rather hear, what Seconds are aiming at. They’ve got six shots of garage in their gun and they happily splatter that very same garage wall with the blood of glorious pop references. Picking the best of their bullets, “Rest” is pure organ led beach house with the sweet smelling melodies suggesting that the time to trip out is far from over while “When He Calls” knocks on the door of fifties pop sensibilities only to find that the lady’s taste has changed and post punk is now where it is at. That’s exactly what you might expect of the children of Aggi Doom.

Rather more fey in their sensibilities are London band Joya. They too have six shots to play with but their ammunition is most certainly American in origin. Getting a close grouping seems the most important thing to them with all these songs having singular purpose and, barring the playful “Regale”, Joya might even be from Pittsburgh such is their desire to stay on the beaten track. Especially as that beaten track leads them back, eventually, to Jonathan Richman’s house.

This was supposed to be duel so someone has to win and someone has to lose. Not that it actually matters as both bands are on the same LP but life is, all things considered, about victory. Seconds therefore, despite their wilful obscurity, get to go home with their smoking gun and have a nice fried breakfast whilst Joya get to go down the shops and buy some more pop tarts.

The limited edition vinyl is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: July 12 2015