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  Sweet Moon by Lexi Weege

Sweet Moon cover art

Artist: Lexi Weege
Title: Sweet Moon
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2015

Then there is the darkness. The evidence of confusion. The edge of yesterday and the start of tomorrow. Then there is Lexi Weege. You could say that she is just plain in love with the past as if Bessie Smith were all that there were in the firmament that is music.

Then there is “Sweet Moon”. Borne of vocal pyrotechnics and precisely focussed theatricality, the force that is Lexi Weege tells of the conflicts drawn from pleasure. It’s an old style thought process as today, for all its artistic freedom, doesn’t really allow anything that can be so easily categorised. I would say forgive her Lord but, as she is a force unto herself, that isn’t even close to essential.

Playfulness, or the sense thereof, drives “Ohio” forward. Holding not a finger snap back, she bounces her piano off the kind of words that would make Hoagy Carmichael turn to scat. It’s jazz, when you think about it, but not as we know it, Jim.

“Hotcakes”, on the other hand, is the very model of restrained passion and with contrived conventionality providing the heartbeat, all that is real whispers in your ear. Just like the real thing but so much more beautiful.

Lexi Weege is the stage and the spotlight. Let it be so. Let there be light.

The single is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 16 2015