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  Southern in My Soul by Big George Jackson Blues Band

Southern in My Soul cover art

Artist: Big George Jackson Blues Band
Title: Southern in My Soul
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan B&T016
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

Taking the middle ground between traditional and contemporary blues, Big George and the boys have come up with an extremely fine blend that will please fans of both.  This is their third release for the Dutch label Black & Tan, and their best to date.  George has a suitably laid back vocal style that expends the minimum of energy to produce the maximum of passion.

The scene is set right from the beginning with the title track "Southern in My Soul", which bounces joyously along.  "Biscuits 'n' Molasses" is a song that you can't help but tapping along to with its understated drum beat and Big George on harp, and "Crosseyed Annie", with guitar riffs that just carry you along, is in a similar vein.  The slower "Love So Strong" is another noteworthy effort that superbly showcases the whole band.

However the track of the album is the acoustic "Argue, Fuss 'n' Fight", a real slow-paced gem that brings proceedings to a close, although the more up tempo "You Ain't All That" that precedes it makes it a close run thing.

To be honest if you like the blues then you'll find something here to keep you happy.  This really is in the tradition of blues story telling that you just don't expect to hear anymore - and on a Dutch label from a Minneapolis based band at that!
Review Date: June 22 2007