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  Blue Prints EP by Even in Arcadia

Blue Prints EP cover art

Artist: Even in Arcadia
Title: Blue Prints EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

It’s all in the attitude, or so they say, and that is never less than true in the musical genre known as rock. The question today is whether Glasgow band Even in Arcadia have that necessary, verging on essential, attitude.

Their EP “Blue Prints” is, surprisingly, a somewhat restrained affair with none of the bombastic piss and power chords approach so beloved of so many of their contemporaries. That’s not say that there isn’t any drama to be found here but it is rather noticeable that all the drama lies in Hazel Gore’s anguish driven vocals. Take their song “City in the Dark” as an example. The rest of the band run through the song with an indifference that verges on the laconic whilst Ms Gore treats the song like the stage as her second home. Likewise, “Electric Thumb” displays a certain, perhaps deliberate, musical awkwardness that, nonetheless, provides a suitable counterpoint to her distinctly dramatic voice.

Have Even in Arcadia got that attitude? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
Review Date: September 12 2015