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  It’s That Time by Revolving Doors

It’s That Time cover art

Artist: Revolving Doors
Title: It’s That Time
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

You don’t expect much of indie rock. Well, not from the practitioners of the genre that you get in Glasgow for all those uninspired influences generally lead to mediocrity but that, fortunately, is not the case with Revolving Doors.

Whilst it is true that, within the five songs of their “It’s That Time” EP, Revolving Doors do draw from the past glories of other, better known, bands in the genre, it does not prove to be that much of limitation in regard to their musical ambition. In lesser hands, a song like “Another Kick” would be no more than a reverential reinvention but, with Chris Woods going large on the vocal love, the song instead heads of into the maelstrom of blue collar anguish.  “Saturday Hits The Hardest”, likewise, could easily be dismissed as a mere copycat but look closer for the strength of the song is in the truth of the words.

This being Revolving Doors however, it would always be the case that they would have to board the bus to originality at some point. Emotion is their game, after all, and they don’t hold back with “Carry On”, complete with the meandering yet hauntingly appropriate voice of Lizabet Russo as decoration, delivering the band to their chosen destination.

That’s what I like about Revolving Doors. Every time I feel like writing them off as just another indie rock band they pull something special out of their hat.
Review Date: September 27 2015