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  Soroky by Andrew Wasylyk

Soroky cover art

Artist: Andrew Wasylyk
Title: Soroky
Catalogue Number: Empty Words Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

It’s all in the game or so they say. Andrew Wasylyk has a game to play and he plays it with surefootedness throughout his debut album “Soroky”. However, his gameplay is a subtle thing and you may need to turn out the lights to best appreciate his choice of musical direction.

There is nothing that might be classed as up-tempo here with relaxation and reflection being more Mr. Wasylyk’s raison d’être with his songs, literate as they are, being mood pieces in his concerto for the solo heart. There is, however, a poetic grace that distinguishes proceedings and that makes the languid pace distinctly acceptable.

“Morning Falls To Blue”, for example, takes your ears on a journey into the sunset whilst exuding tranquillity and even the most energetic songs – “Robert Garioch” and the lounge tempoed “The Esplanade” – never approach anything close that might be considered raucous.

With an album is as melodic as the day is long, Andrew Wasylyk – an alias for Idlewild affiliate Andrew Mitchell – isn’t out to change the world but, in truth, few people are these days so you can’t fault him for that and “Soroky” will no doubt leave your ears feeling all warm and fuzzy.
Review Date: October 25 2015