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  First Date by Ann Holly

First Date cover art

Artist: Ann Holly
Title: First Date
Catalogue Number: Ransier Bay Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

This six track EP from Ann Holly certainly has a couple of songs that grab your attention. Unfortunately at times it suffers from a somewhat 'over fussy' production approach which doesn't allow either Ann's voice, or the songs, do justice to themselves. This is a pity as there is fine voice waiting to break through, particularly on the slower, more restrained tracks.

"Tried To Be", which allows her vocals to come to the fore more than most is particularly noteworthy, as is the more up tempo "Shame On You" which has possibilities of wider commercial success.  "The Other Side" is another song with a slower beat where subtlety should have been the order of the day.  With Ann co-writing all the songs (in tandem with Nunzio Signore) hopefully we will be seeing more of her in the future, and hopefully with her voice allowed to come to the fore.
Review Date: June 22 2007