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  All Your Homes by The Hemlines

All Your Homes cover art

Artist: The Hemlines
Title: All Your Homes
Catalogue Number: DZ Tapes
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2015

And now for something completely raucous and full of righteous indignation…The Hemlines. Hailing from Washington DC, they nail their feminist flag to the wall before using it as the source of ignition that sets the room on fire.

The lo-fi sound doesn’t dull their impact and, after a robust start with “Agenda”, they turn their post punk power right up and trundle the melody out of “Fixate/Animate” before revisiting their garage roots with “The Bear”.

It’s a roughshod thing that they do but their commitment and energy is never less than obvious.

Also available as a cassette from DZ Tapes.
Review Date: October 25 2015