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  Rainbow Yawn by Breakfast Muff

Rainbow Yawn cover art

Artist: Breakfast Muff
Title: Rainbow Yawn
Catalogue Number: Fuzzkill Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2015

There are times when a hamster must think that it has fallen off its wheel and become a victim of cultural imperialism. Not the quarter pounder and cheese kind of cultural imperialism that has sentenced the civilised world to heart disease but the kind that that was borne in a garage in sunny California.

Glasgow isn’t sunny California – and don’t we bloody well know it at this time of year – yet so many of its worthy bands have absorbed that rough and ready sunshine powered primitivism that has given birth to so many three chords a bad attitude bands over the years. But I digress, for this is truly Glasgow and this cassette ("Rainbow Yawn") is by Breakfast Muff and melodic anarchy is their game. Their guitars are fuzzed and loud and their songs are from a pen filled with acid with their sub three minutes reflections on life and love clattering about the room as if overdosed on teen anguish and slush puppies. It’s been done before but not with the kind of underlying perversity that Breakfast Muff bring to the party at the end of the park.

Breakfast Muff aren’t as slyly cute as, say, their no mean city compatriots Tuff Love but that hardly matters when you turn that volume up and revel in what it is like to be young and not in love.

Best songs – “Satan" and “Horny People”.

May the force be with them always.
Review Date: December 6 2015