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  Dina Drömmar EP by Jon Magnusson

Dina Drömmar EP cover art

Artist: Jon Magnusson
Title: Dina Drömmar EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

Normally, I would run a mile from any bedroom based musician regardless of genre yet there was something honest about Jon Magnusson’s EP “Dina Drömmar” that captured my attention.

It is true that he has his limitations. His voice, for example, struggles to inject emotion into “Ode to a Friend” but he nonetheless manages to handle “Partisanen” with an entirely appropriate mix of dryness and drama. It’s a respectful way to treat that particular song.

He then draws upon his punk influences to make the upbeat title track “Dina Drömmar” as much a statement as a song and that very energy makes this the best song on the EP.

This isn’t the music to change the world but the Jon Magnusson’s honesty and straightforward approach actually makes it quite refreshing.
Review Date: December 13 2015