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  Hold On EP by Sunny Amoreena

Hold On EP cover art

Artist: Sunny Amoreena
Title: Hold On EP
Catalogue Number: Bronte Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Sunny Amoreena is an Australian singer songwriter apparently. The BluesBunny has not been able to find out much more about her. There are 4 tracks on this EP - "Hold On", "Act of Mastery", Hangin' with the Boys" and "Maybe Let the Sun Up". All of them feature soft, sensitive songs with little more than Ms Amoreena and her piano.

"Hangin' with the Boys" is the most impressive track in performance terms with sharp lyrics and a confident delivery. Ms Amoreena has a fine set of pipes but these tracks do sound like demos. She is apparently recording an album so no doubt these tracks will be revisited as part of that project.
Review Date: June 22 2007