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  Mirrors Against the Sun by Francesca Lago

Mirrors Against the Sun cover art

Artist: Francesca Lago
Title: Mirrors Against the Sun
Catalogue Number: Urtovox/T3 Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

That certain poetry that seems a near essential ingredient for any European musician of ambition pervades Francesca Lago’s new album “Mirrors Against The Sun”. Once again she walks the tightrope between the arthouse and the radio and once again she manages to entrance the ears of the listener.

“DNA”, as an example, is an elegant and very radio friendly song that would, and should, surely find itself on a movie soundtrack. “Breathe Through Life” is likewise conventional but this time her voice - as ever balancing the wistful and the melancholy – encompasses both spiritual and secular viewpoints with life, and its many complexities, seeming to drive Ms. Lago’s lyrics ever forward in search of answers that nobody really wants to hear.

The point here, as always, is that an album like this needs to be listened to on repeat as there is always something that you missed. “Modular C”, on first listen, draws heavily on well-known punk riffs but its message is not actually a simple one and its larceny is less theft than musical misdirection as its sudden tempo changes soon prove.

So, whilst not as strong as her “Siberian Dream Map” album, “Mirrors Against The Sun” is still a gourmet meal for those with ears hungry for complexity.
Review Date: January 29 2016