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  Totally Fucking Gay by TFG

Totally Fucking Gay cover art

Artist: TFG
Title: Totally Fucking Gay
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2016

Now we are in the dark universe! Most low budget lo-fi electro rock wouldn’t scare your auntie but, or should that be butt, TFG are determined to use their alternative lifestyle as lyrical motivation for their rather brutal songs and, consequently, are likely to induce confusion and perhaps even hostility from the listener.

From a musical standpoint, there is little variation in these songs. A locked to the loop drum machine holds each song together with the use of dirty guitar riffs counterpointing the maniacally simplistic synthesisers. Like I said, these songs are not subtle but credit is definitely due for getting the point across without anything as east coast as poetry.

Lyrically, there are many references to parking the Pontiac in the turd garage and other similarly hedonistic practices yet these lines are recited, not sung, with a rather laconic indifference as if to sing them would have trivialised their intent. Oddly enough, there is a curious conventionality underpinning everything that suggests that the Church is not going to be put out of business anytime soon. Let’s not forget the educational aspect either. For example, I had previously thought that ATM was simply American for cash machine. Apparently it has another meaning entirely.

I don’t doubt that “Totally Fucking Gay” will have a limited appeal yet this album is notable for getting the truth out of the closet and putting it where the sun don't shine.
Review Date: March 1 2016