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  City of Night EP by The Wang Dang Doodle

City of Night EP cover art

Artist: The Wang Dang Doodle
Title: City of Night EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

These days you need a certain amount of spirit to carry off songs in the blues rock style and, fortunately, The Wang Dang Doodle – apparently based in London although they sound like they hail from somewhere altogether more exotic – have more than enough spirit to get them through the four songs on their “City of Night” EP.

As well it should, Kosmas Mylon’s guitar is the glue that holds the music together. He plays with the kind of relentless efficiency that betrays a love for his instrument that transcends the reverential while Laurent Mouflier, out front, manages to drawl, huff and puff like a man with the devil on his tail.

“Easy Strut” is the stand out song here but fans of the genre will not be disappointed by anything on the EP. I feel I should recommend a beer to go with this music but I suspect that anything that you can get will do the job this time around. Best played loud (naturally)!
Review Date: March 6 2016