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  Come On In This House by Consonance

Come On In This House cover art

Artist: Consonance
Title: Come On In This House
Catalogue Number: Heritage Record Company
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

It’s not often that I get to call an album uplifting these days and, probably unrelated but He does work in mysterious ways, it’s not often that a gospel album crosses the gateway to hell that is Bluesbunny Towers. However, one such album has and it is “Come On In This House” by Consonance.

As you might expect, gospel hasn’t changed that much over the years and the copious close harmonies and call and response vocals will please many a believer. The message, as always, is the same but at least there is also plenty of proof that the Devil doesn’t actually have all the best tunes with songs like “It’s Time to Praise the Lord” transcending their very conventionality to become inspirational. A song of beauty indeed.

“Good News Blues #3” picks up the tempo somewhat and makes a very strong case for putting twelve bars between the blues and the pulpit while “Stay With Me” is all you need to get through Saturday night into Sunday morning. Well, that and a Curtis Mayfield album anyway.

Whilst there is the occasional lapse into stylistic insecurity – “Surely God Is Real” swerves too close to the Rappin’ Reverend for comfort – this album is notable for the sure and steadfast way that it gets from start to finish with the closing song “U Gotta Stay Holy” highlighting what can be done with the simplest of backing tracks when there is love in the voice.

Gospel is what gospel was and, most likely, what gospel will always be. God is in the harmonies and, for that, we may all be truly thankful. The album is available from CD Baby.
Review Date: March 12 2016