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  Porcelain Sky by Jonathan Carr

Porcelain Sky cover art

Artist: Jonathan Carr
Title: Porcelain Sky
Catalogue Number: Rocred Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2016

It’s been a week where all sorts of people from the past have reappeared with Jonathan Carr – a name that I had, regrettably, forgotten – launching his new album “Porcelain Sky”. So, after a bit of revision on the words written about him in the past, the play button was duly pressed.

It doesn’t take long to notice just how seriously Jonathan Carr takes his music with all of the songs on this album professionally arranged and polished until they shine like diamonds. Take a song like “Can’t Stop”, for example, and it is easy to imagine it in the hands of someone much more famous. That, of course, bodes well for Mr. Carr’s future as he is clearly capable of playing with the big boys.

It is also to his credit that he sounds like he is the product of the good old US of A and, perhaps inevitably, he might even become something of a housewives’ favourite over there. Certainly, there are plenty of songs here that would find a ready home on the breakfast bar iPod.

There is no doubt that Jonathan Carr is a serious musician, but, on reflection, I think that “Porcelain Sky” would have benefitted from less introspection and more rejoicing in his own obvious musical talent. After all, such an approach has worked out pretty well for the likes of Gabriel Kahane.
Review Date: March 19 2016