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  Crush On You by Suzy Blu

Crush On You cover art

Artist: Suzy Blu
Title: Crush On You
Catalogue Number: ElevenDC 003
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

There was this elemental simplicity with early electronica, and I mean the analogue stuff that limited those who might use it to rely on the hypnotic effect of looped repetition and, guess what, such sounds might even have become fashionable again with Suzy Blu happy to provide all the evidence you need that the past is the new future.

Interestingly, our favourite Leeds based electro pop Stacey Q revivalist strays a lot further with “Crush On You” from the dance floor than her previous excursions into the world of lo-fi beats. Sure, there are rough edges everywhere but that actually adds to the post punk do it yourself charm that this midnight hour princess brings to her stories of the loves and losses of the night people.

Influences abound as you might expect yet the pulling power of a good pop song is never forgotten with “Five Kisses” and “Won’t Be The Girl” practically demanding release in a seven inch picture sleeve format and, in case your feet need a reason to get into motion, there is the relentless “Heartbreaker, Lose Your Head” just waiting to steamroller you on to the dance floor.

The album is available in physical and download formats from Bandcamp. Wearing sunglasses after dark is cooler than you might think. Suzy Blu, I love you!
Review Date: March 19 2016