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  Gotta Be Gold by The Sally Rose Band

Gotta Be Gold cover art

Artist: The Sally Rose Band
Title: Gotta Be Gold
Catalogue Number: Country Wide Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2015

You kind of expect a band that has a singer who has brought her mother along for the ride on the big bus to fame to be wholesome and destined for a pleasant journey down the yellow brick road to Nashville. They do, after all, appreciate such things there. However, The Sally Rose Band have, fortunately for us, picked up some dirt on their journey down the highway of life.

Now, it is true that there is purity here with the naked intertwined voices of “Tired” ably demonstrating that the spirit is forever strong yet it is the up-tempo songs that have the real power. The title song “Gotta Be Gold”, for example, heads off down the track like a runaway power pop song should with the weaponised cello ensuring that the better class of musical urbanites will have to take the song to their iPod. “Banshee”, likewise, shifts gear like a ’68 Corvette on the track with Sally Rose’s Southern voice, high on torment and angst, looking for redemption around every corner. Just for variety, there’s even an element of whimsy to be found here too with the skewed “Do Ra De” easily raising a smile.

If you like your guitars served up with the kind of voice that will make you believe then The Sally Rose Band will be for you. If you ever wondered what would have resulted if Jimbo Mathus had kidnapped the Hush Sound and swapped their soul for a red guitar then The Sally Rose Band will be for you too.
Review Date: April 10 2016