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  Kaspar Hauser EP by Kaspar Hauser

Kaspar Hauser EP cover art

Artist: Kaspar Hauser
Title: Kaspar Hauser EP
Catalogue Number: Soft Power Records SOFT035
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2016

You can never get enough reverb, in my less than humble opinion, nor enough dimensionally distorted guitars for that matter. I’d blame an upbringing based on Mozart and Chopin for my lo-fi addiction but that wouldn’t make much sense. Neither, in the context of this time space continuum, does Kaspar Hauser’s self-titled EP.

There are but four songs and they are most likely different in some way but you would be hard pressed to name that tune after your skull had been pummelled into broken biscuits by repeated exposure to this Glasgow trio’s mind expanding journey into the recording studio at the end of the universe. Melody is hinted at one more than one occasion - and I even tried to sing along to “Tannoy” until my beer powered logic dictated that air guitar was the way to go – but it is the sheer thunder of the Kaspar Hawser’s rhythm tank that reduces your garden shed to splinters. There is no defence.

How can something so wrong sound so right? No idea, but they made me drop my lemonade spoon. More stains on the carpet. Her Majesty will not be amused.

The EP is also available as a limited edition cassette from Bandcamp.
Review Date: April 16 2016