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  Are We Nearly There Yet? by Fuzzface

Are We Nearly There Yet? cover art

Artist: Fuzzface
Title: Are We Nearly There Yet?
Catalogue Number: RSFF0205
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Take half a pound of the Small Faces. Add a pinch of the Kinks. Mix well and season with Hammond organ to taste. Now you have Fuzzface. Based out of Colchester, England they manage to achieve the difficult task of having strong sixties influences without sounding dated or derivative.

This is power pop of the highest order. Bluesbunny's tired old ears soon pricked up to the distinctly catchy "Special" and "Someone Else" but nothing on this album disappoints. A fine sense of humour is displayed on the closing track "There's a Hole in my Guitar" as well. Bluesbunny likes humour. It indicates that you are listening to real musicians rather than computers.

Altogether a strong album that is well worthy of a purchase. Welcome to Captain Billy's magical parade! Buy it, you will understand.
Review Date: July 23 2007