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  Energized - Live in Europe by Bernard Allison

Energized - Live in Europe cover art

Artist: Bernard Allison
Title: Energized - Live in Europe
Catalogue Number: RUF Records RUF1113
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

The long awaited live album from Bernard Allison. Recorded live in October 2005, we have a nice 2 CD with Bernard Allison playing to an appreciative audience. The first CD is rather pedestrian with some reasonable covers of songs written by his father, the late Luther Allison.

Things heat up with the second CD in this set with the best tracks being the instrumental tracks. Of particular note is a burning version of "The Walk" and a rather humorous "Talking Guitar". Yes, the guitar can talk. He is ably accompanied by Mike Vlahakis on keyboards, Jassen Wilber on bass and Andrew Thomas on drums. 

Overall, he seems happier with playing the guitar - and that is where he really shines - than singing. This 2 CD set is priced at the cost of a single CD. Good value for money.
Review Date: June 22 2007