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b/w Not Mellow Anymore by Alex Maiorano and The Black Tales

Decontrol <br /> b/w Not Mellow Anymore cover art

Title: Decontrol
b/w Not Mellow Anymore
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records OLR56
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2016

What’s on the turntable of love tonight? Well, it’s Alex Maiorano and The Black Tales with their two seven inch shots at glory called “Decontrol” and “Not Mellow Anymore”. Time, once more, to put the needle in the groove.

“Decontrol” rattles out of the speakers with all the energy that you might expect of a robust and rumbustious rock ‘n’ roll song and Alex Maiorano and The Black Tales will easily evoke thoughts of the more manic moments of the Jim Jones Revue in the connoisseur. Basically, it’s a straight down the line kind of song that exudes honesty and is improved with both volume and the excessive consumption of beer.

“Not Mellow Anymore” is a poppier proposition that exorcises enough sixties influences to make the band seem like a continental, and classier, Dave Clark Five. Not many people will see that as a bad thing and, as always, the guitar says it all.

The vinyl single is available from Off Label Records.
Review Date: May 21 2016