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  A Hundred Summer Days by The Rebel Light

A Hundred Summer Days cover art

Artist: The Rebel Light
Title: A Hundred Summer Days
Catalogue Number: Dualtone Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2016

I can’t say that I know much about The Rebel Light other than they are based in California and, even if they hadn’t told me that fact, I would have known it anyway. Sunshine, after all, has its own sonic signature.

Playing the past comes naturally to this band and their EP “A Hundred Summer Days” neatly demonstrates their ability to make today sound just like yesterday. Fortunately for them (and us), most people agree that yesterday was better than today and this band’s cusp of flower power brand of fuzzy guitar pop is both an affectionate take on past sounds and welcome lesson in how to write a catchy pop song.

Only “Where Did All The Love Go” veers noticeably from the Ventura highway formula but, even then, it doesn’t let the side down with that upbeat midday sunshine beat still seasoning the melody. The sunshine shines brightest, however, on “Summer Haze” and that is the song that cries out to be spinning around at 45rpm until autumn finally arrives.

The EP is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 7 2016