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  Yllwshrk EP by Yllwshrk

Yllwshrk EP cover art

Artist: Yllwshrk
Title: Yllwshrk EP
Catalogue Number: Oramic Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2016

3 songs and none under five minutes with an extended guitar solo well within earshot? That’s not quite the modern way and Yllwshrk’s debut EP is, unsurprisingly, redolent of the post rock past.

So the smile soon starts to fade but worry not as there is actual value to be had here even if it may not be obvious on the first listen. Much of that value does come from the theatrical vocal stylings of Sam West but there is undoubted musical ability supporting his voice with everything that once made Jeff Buckley great distilled by their collective talent into “Pull Me Under”. However, the real prize amongst these three tracks is “Into Her Sleep with Envy” that positively resonates with Pink Floyd pretension and the excesses of seventies stadium rock.

Perhaps an acquired taste, Yllwshrk make their mark here and show more than enough promise to warrant further investigation.

The EP is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 7 2016