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  Pleasure Symbols by Pleasure Symbols

Pleasure Symbols cover art

Artist: Pleasure Symbols
Title: Pleasure Symbols
Catalogue Number: Avant AV!044
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2016

It would seem that Pleasure Symbols are from Australia which is, as we all know, a land of sunshine, and yet this duo - Phoebe Paradise and Jasmine Dunn - have put despair firmly on the menu with their self-titled EP.

Their sound is that of the ever trendy lo-fi bedsit electronica and, to their credit, those sequenced beats and lost in reverb vocals successfully demonstrate that being of the dance floor is not the same as being on the dancefloor with the four songs here seeming far more at home in the intimate atmosphere of the headphones than they would ever do on public broadcast through speakers. There is also, curiously, a very European feel pervading the many shadows here and combined with murky and downbeat female vocals, that makes you wonder if this music is more self expression than entertainment.

That said, any music that makes you wonder has got to be worth your attention and, in case you should be drawn into hearing more, then start with the most commercial song, “Control”, and work your way inwards.
Review Date: September 14 2016