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  After The Float Rush by The Ladywell Lout

After The Float Rush cover art

Artist: The Ladywell Lout
Title: After The Float Rush
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

In this ever changing world that we live in, isn’t it nice that all that diversity and all those payday loans haven’t really changed anything for the better at all. Consider that, if you like, and then wonder if the age old obsession with the three minute pop song and its handsome boy and pretty girl purveyors has had its time.

Of course the three minute pop song is not dead – and never will be as long as melody and money can occupy the same time and space – but there are alternatives to consider such as the latest neo musical ramblings from the ever bleak Ladywell Lout. Cursed, as he is, with Central Scotland as a spiritual residence, he never had anywhere to look other than down yet his latest selection of dystopian hymns “After the Float Rush” – allegedly the first Gala day concept album –does, however, manage to avoid a nose dive into Prozac addition.

There are, for example, hints of the devotional in “Old Vague Unhappiness Continues” to lift the spirit and an almost playful collision of samples enlivens your ears all the way through “The Parade – Hooray For Galaday”. In “Ham Oan Piece” you will find poetry redolent of the eclectic work of Kevin P Gilday and that neatly contrasts with the brutality and confusion to be found in “”Goan Go Away after the Float Rush”. Ending on a redressed and discordant reinvention of every lap dancer’s favourite song renamed to “Simply Depressed Again” was an inspired decision with the black cloud of doom thus allowed to takie a final bow whilst looping irony around the inevitable.

If you are looking for a way out then you won’t find any answers in “After the Float Rush” yet, despite the downbeat approach, there is little doubt that The Ladywell Lout is a perceptive individual with something to say about a Morlock inhabited present that threatens to engulf him.
Review Date: March 27 2017