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  My Absolution by Narwhal Tusk

My Absolution cover art

Artist: Narwhal Tusk
Title: My Absolution
Catalogue Number: MUSICA/Stormspell Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Russian melodic rock. Now there’s a genre to strike fear into the heart of the most battle hardened reviewer. Russian melodic rock, however, is just what Narwhal Tusk deliver on their EP “My Absolution”.

Naturally, given the genre, these songs are never less than bombastic with the insistent keyboard work of Dmitry Returns providing the necessary musical force to make you wish that you could turn the volume up still more whilst simultaneously waving your lighter in the air. All the songs are in English too but that does not deter singer Valentine Yastremskaya who takes every opportunity to maximise the emotion with, at times, near operatic intensity.

Of the songs, “All My Life” makes the most impact which is perhaps surprising as it is the most subtle song here although the song still squeezes in the kind of perfectly positioned and extended guitar solo that is always guaranteed to join leather and lace.

If bombastic melodic rock is your thing then the Russian variety – courtesy of Narwhal Tusk – should suit your tastes admirably.
Review Date: March 27 2017