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  Lil’ Lost Lou by Lil' Lost Lou

Lil’ Lost Lou cover art

Artist: Lil' Lost Lou
Title: Lil’ Lost Lou
Catalogue Number: Bully Records BULLY 0001
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

It is easy to dismiss Americana as country music without the bling and to dismiss anything British and Americana – about as sensible a combination as boot polish and fabric conditioner – as a mere imitation of a not very real thing. However, it is not as easy to dismiss our very own Lil' Lost Lou as just another pretender to the throne of a country without a queen.

It is true that some of her songs, particularly “Bad Boy” and “I Kissed Your Man”, would motivate any Friday night cowboy in downtown London to drink much beer while dreaming of his very own pickup truck (as they no doubt do in Nashville) but there is more to Lil' Lost Lou than broken hearts, lying men and cheating women. There is, for example, a sensitive side to her music that draws instead on the long thought lost source of country music for its thoroughly convincing, and time independent, sentimentality and that is best demonstrated in her song “Ride A Train” and, as she throws a chunk of irony into “One and One Makes Two”, Lil' Lost Lou also proves herself ready and able for membership of the Muswell Hillbillies.

Never judge a book by its cover as Lil' Lost Lou is definitely more than the sum of her Nashville inspired parts. You can take that to the bank.
Review Date: April 3 2017