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  7 by Lynx Lynx

7 cover art

Artist: Lynx Lynx
Title: 7
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

We don’t need no press releases. All we need is a Post-it note that has “play loud” scrawled upon it and a volume control that starts and stops at seismic. That’s all you need to get by in this writing business and Lynx Lynx get by just fine by helping me do just that.

Their album “7” is refreshingly free of jazz interludes and reflective melancholy and instead places the musical emphasis on lo-fi beer drinking badness and a near manic desire to dig up the grungy guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll of the past and make it even louder. I don’t know if you can actually drown in reverb but Lynx Lynx swim in a deep blue sea of it and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all for, even after assaulting our collective ears with the proto-punk rampage “Everybody Is In Love With You”, they even find the time to slow down and turn “It’s Fun” into a menacing ballad. Yes, a menacing ballad! What more could a man ask for?

To their credit, the band don’t just stay with the power chords and, whilst always bypassing subtlety, they find the time to take a drum machine prisoner and force it to join in their twisted fun and help recreate all those electronic soundtracks so beloved of the days of VHS.

Although Lynx Lynx are from Germany, this album is nothing less than a spirited exorcism of all the ghosts that made America and the guitar great. Play loud. Drink some beer. Play it loud again. Repeat.
Review Date: April 10 2017