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  Hijinx and Tomfoolery by The Little Red Rooster Blues Band

Hijinx and Tomfoolery cover art

Artist: The Little Red Rooster Blues Band
Title: Hijinx and Tomfoolery
Catalogue Number: LRR Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

It’s been a while since I used the term “Friday night beer band” but it just seems right to use it when referring to The Little Red Rooster Band as they are definitely, at least on the evidence of their album “Hijinx and Tomfoolery”, the kind of band that keeps the beer flowing across the bar all night long.

It would seem that The Little Red Rooster Blues Band have been plying their trade since 1988 which is a long time before yesterday and all those years have given the band a fluency that only maturity can bring with all those familiar blues licks being brought out and danced around the floor one more time (and sounding none the worse for all that). The blues being the blues, there is a credible amount of larceny involved in all the songs with “27 Dollars” and “Bad Toupee” most like to get this band dragged before the judge.

However, the key thing about this album is its good natured vibe. Nothing seems like too much trouble for the Little Red Rooster Blues Band and their album, accordingly, makes for a relaxing accompaniment to beer and fried chicken wings. Beer and chicken wings? Every night is Friday night!
Review Date: April 23 2017