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  MGC 1 by Miracle Glass Company

MGC 1 cover art

Artist: Miracle Glass Company
Title: MGC 1
Catalogue Number: VoxBox Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

The ghost of revisionism has haunted the music business in recent years with originality too often relegated to the sidelines in favour of the narcissistic emulation of someone else’s glory. In some ways that is a good thing – especially if you are in the review business – as all you have to do is make comparisons to get paid but, in terms of musical progress, it is often seen as a bad thing. However, is forever emulating the glories of the past really such a bad thing? Musicians have, after all, been doing it since the second string was first plucked and it would appear that Edinburgh band Miracle Glass Company - Austen George, William Douglas and Andy Duncan – have, at the very least, learned well at the recorded feet of the masters of the past.

Let’s not forget either that they haven’t taken the easy route with their album “MGC 1” as their archaeological target seems to have been late sixties and early seventies rock which, as all beard scratching self-appointed musical archaeologists know, was a period of extreme creativity. Accordingly, it is no surprise that this band of three have to demonstrate a much higher level of song writing and performance skills than most of their modern day contemporaries would even attempt. It also helps that they can coin a memorable chorus or three with songs like “Big Beat”, “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” and “How Long” having the penetrative power to blast their way into even the most jaded of ears.

It would also be reasonable to assert that Miracle Glass Company have all the hallmarks of, what would have been called in the good old days, an album band as, even in their moments of longeur, everything seems to fit together so well and that, in consequence, makes their album “MGC 1” an ideal candidate for the venerable vinyl format.

So, for once, we have a band that exceeds the sum of their influences and it is to be hoped that Miracle Glass Company sell loads of records, get a tour bus filled with opportunities for depravity, develop a dependency on hard drugs and do all the things that Mumford & Sons wouldn’t. Given my track record in selecting winners, Miracle Glass Company will no doubt turn to Jesus instead but, until that happens, play it loud for Edinburgh has a band to be proud of.
Review Date: April 30 2017