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  Twisted Ideology by Jake Tavill

Twisted Ideology cover art

Artist: Jake Tavill
Title: Twisted Ideology
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Brains are at work here with Jake Tavill’s album “Twisted Ideology” having the calculated, like me on Facebook, vibe of a man on a mission to get a major record deal – assuming such things exist today, of course – and to capture the hearts and minds of housewives everywhere while he is at it.

His voice, skewed as it is towards the edge of what the mainstream will accept, proves less of a liability than first acquaintance might suggest as he is clearly never less than committed to getting his words from near to far. Listen, for example, to “Why We Run” as he transcends the dangerous pits of tweeness that litter the path of self-asserted sensitivity. Songs that run closer to the heart fair even better and “Truth” proves more than capable of persuading you that singing along with the chorus is nothing less than inevitable. “One Day Soon”, likewise, has similar powers of persuasion that may also lead the unwary of a voyage of adoration.

That’s the way it goes. You think that an album is the product of calculation rather than art yet you end up liking it a lot anyway. That’s the way it was with “Twisted Ideology”.
Review Date: June 18 2017