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  Purge EP by Louise Lemón

Purge EP cover art

Artist: Louise Lemón
Title: Purge EP
Catalogue Number: Icons Creating Evil Art
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

I doubt that it is possible to be both endearing and forever bleak yet the current crop of Scandinavian electro popsters seem determined to attempt such a feat with Louise Lemón adding convincing evidence to their collective case with her EP “Purge”.

Four songs are what you get here with all having something in common. It’s not the ethereal reverb surrounding her voice either but more the hypnotic trance inducing pathos that makes each song drift as if permanently in search of an answer to some great question. Grandeur of the spirit is, after all, where it should be at and songs like “Thirst” might even make you wonder whether French chanson has indeed been exported and lightly chilled for combat deployment in the colder Northern climates.

For her part, Louise Lemón sings with both the maturity and the poetic mannerisms that her songs demand and, with wistful intent, thus brings forward the magic of the stage and infuses it into the brooding melancholy that drives all that is here forever forward.

Perhaps not the ideal soundtrack to your daily commute, Louise Lemón nonetheless demands attention from those who have found out that there is more to life than fluffy bunnies.
Review Date: June 24 2017