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  The Villain by Mademe X

The Villain cover art

Artist: Mademe X
Title: The Villain
Catalogue Number: Transettic Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Like the man once said: it’s all out there and all you have to do is to find it. Some might also say that looking for anything in Canada is highly likely to be unrewarding yet Mademe X proves otherwise with her mini album - surely they are all “mini” in these digital days? – “The Villain” making the most of the past whilst strutting forever forward as if on the kind of mission that could only be borne of a broken heart.

There is, therefore, drama aplenty to be found in these six songs with Mademe X herself demonstrating a robustness of voice that transcends the near gothic melodrama that seasons this sonic confection and I would, almost, be tempted to make a comparison to Lady Gaga if I didn’t suspect that Mademe X’s thirst for success is more a matter of phoenix like regeneration than a desire to drive everywhere in a limo.

All those power chords reinforce that impression with the muscular rhythm section knocking it out the park like Scandinavian death metal led forever forward by Mademe X’s crusader on a mission leadership. Unlike so many, therefore, Mademe X sounds big and also sounds unapologetic for coating everything in the kind of overblown drama that is normally reserved for stadium rock.

So it makes sense to crank her up to eleven – particularly the bombastic twins that are “Q.U.E.E.N.” and “Wild Beasts” – and learn why going large means so much more than extra fries. I hear therefore I worship.
Review Date: July 23 2017