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  New Rocket Union by New Rocket Union

New Rocket Union cover art

Artist: New Rocket Union
Title: New Rocket Union
Catalogue Number: Ruzicka Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

There was a time where I would have simply dismissed an album like this as simply two guys making some noise – and, for the record, New Rocket Union are indeed two guys from Minneapolis making (quite a lot of) noise – but what goes around comes around and New Rocket Union now actually sound fresh.

Their mix of hard rock and punk (American style – no politics here) might not put you on the path to musical nirvana but, instead, it does a very fine job of keeping those beers company on a Friday night with the band’s determination to avoid any accusations of pretension successfully evidenced in each and every one of these ten songs.

So take your pick – in the best rock ‘n’ roll tradition, there are plenty of songs about girls – or just use “Trouble” or “Be My Girl” as the soundtrack to lead you from the bar to the dancefloor to red lipstick led decisions that you will likely regret in the morning. Sunset, New Rocket Union, sunrise – it is God’s will.

Available from Bandcamp
Review Date: August 13 2017