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  Majesty of the Flesh by Lee Bozeman

Majesty of the Flesh cover art

Artist: Lee Bozeman
Title: Majesty of the Flesh
Catalogue Number: Velvet Blue Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

In too deep. That’s the vibe, brother. That’s “Majesty of the Flesh” by Lee Bozeman. It’s like Morrissey lost the Marr and migrated himself into the laptop love of God. The first time this one creeped by me, I missed it as the beer distracted me and had placed me in the sort of reality that I like to be in. There is always, however, time for a second pass.

There are four songs here that walk the streets of America but they are seasoned with a discordant dash of the devotional that crawls forward to catch you should your ears be drawn to give Lee Bozeman that, all important, second chance.

This EP, despite the downbeat dive, isn’t the product of non-prescription medication as it is way too focussed. Listen to “The Sound of Orchestra” for proof of that. Yet there is that all pervading melancholy as if answers are being sought where answers won’t actually be needed with the religious bias of the lyrical imagery further suggesting that, in some oblique way, that these are hymns for a world that has forgotten how to sing in praise.

Undoubtedly, “Majesty of The Flesh” is heavier than whatever counts as the new black this week and, if only for that, Lee Bozeman deserves his own praise. And a beer.
Review Date: August 13 2017