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  Escalator to Heaven by Charles Boyd

Escalator to Heaven cover art

Artist: Charles Boyd
Title: Escalator to Heaven
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Oh God, why do you do this to me? Why do you let Charles Boyd make music? Is he perhaps the new saviour just waiting to make his first public appearance on the next series of “The Voice”? If that is the case then You do indeed work in mysterious ways.

In the meantime, “Escalator to Heaven” allows Charles Boyd to give us more of the same with no less than 20 – sorry, 21 as there’s a bonus song – of his sorry ass excuses for juvenile song writing. It’s not entirely without merit though as, just for one song – “Smile” –, our Mr Boyd transforms himself into a convincing impersonation of a sensitive singer songwriter. It’s only one song though and he is soon back to his old habits with those laptop illiteracies soon consuming all that is left of his self-respect as he plummets through “Jesus Loves a Ho” into the abyss of “Lucky Boy”. The gutter is truly his home once more and he even manages to squeeze in a song about lesbians although I doubt that the politically correct will adopt it as a theme song.

You know what worries me? What if Charles Boyd is the new Jesus and it turns out that, this time around, he has a vindictive nature and he sends me straight to hell for writing these very words. Oh, wait a minute. If Charles Boyd is the new Jesus then he won’t ever be in Hell. Result!
Review Date: August 13 2017