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  Brighter Days by Up! Way! Up!

Brighter Days cover art

Artist: Up! Way! Up!
Title: Brighter Days
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

It must be the sunshine in California, or maybe just the simple fact that there is sunshine, but “Brighter Days” by Up! Way! Up! is a reminder of how much fun music can be with each and every one of these five songs being a fine example of guitar led power pop just like they used to do back in the days when there were things like radio stations.

Upbeat is the modus operandi here with all the best influences getting spread on wholemeal bread and turned into a sandwich of great satisfaction. The Californian references – and, let’s be honest, if you lived in California it wouldn’t be hard to find something to write about – pepper the lyrics yet this is more than a band for the beach. Up! Way! Up! have, one presumes, youth in their favour and that perhaps provides the joie de vivre that brings an inevitable smile to the face of those who live in greyer climates (such as myself). There is even a drinking song – called, imaginatively, “The Drinking Song” – to encourage misbehaviour which, by the way, is how it should be. You can’t trust any musician who hasn’t written a drinking song.

It may sound an odd to say but Up! Way! Up! will sound old fashioned to many as these songs are actually uplifting and do not require the addition of drugs or commercial sponsorship to make them worthy of adoration. Now, where did I put that Hawaiian shirt? I’m sure that the sun will shine today.

You can get the EP from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 28 2017