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  Whenever The Moon is Gone EP by Trolleberg

Whenever The Moon is Gone EP cover art

Artist: Trolleberg
Title: Whenever The Moon is Gone EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Perhaps it is a sign of the times but it seems that there is something of a shortage of the kind of upbeat pop songs that once put a smile on the face of the general public as they made their way to their place of employment of an autumn morning. Unsurprisingly therefore, my jaded ears experienced some degree of pleasure when the acquaintance was made with Swedish band Trolleberg and the five songs that make up their “Whenever The Moon is Gone” EP.

The style pundits will probably dismiss these songs as mere fluff on the stylus of life but those of us who still want to smile without a Sky subscription know what we like and what we like are songs with appealing vocals, smart lyrics and just enough guitars to remind us why the Stratocaster was invented before the synthesiser. Susanne Trolleberg acquits herself well here with her always tidy voice sounding just like the kind of thing that the wise would want to listen to and the songs – especially “Constipated” – stride confidently towards the territory of the pop gem.

Easy to listen to and easy to enjoy. That’s what the music of the people and for the people should be. Trolleberg are welcome on my turntable today and tomorrow.
Review Date: September 17 2017