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  OK, No Wait by Rocky Wood

OK, No Wait cover art

Artist: Rocky Wood
Title: OK, No Wait
Catalogue Number: On the Camper Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

What can I say about Rocky Wood? I could say that Rocky Wood are an alt-folk influenced Swiss pop band as that is about as much as I actually know about them. However, a listen to their mini album “OK, No Wait” may well make you curious to learn more about them.

For a start, there is something hypnotic about their guitar led sound that transcends the ordinary. Rocky Wood often seem casual almost to the point of drifting into psychedelic territory – the meandering enchantment of “Bail Out” is a case in point – yet they still keep their songs religiously on track as if playing with the listener’s expectations was all part of their distinctly disciplined game.

By this point you will no doubt have surmised that Rocky Wood are blessed with more talent and ability than most bands but, such is their eloquent and understated approach to the delivery of a song, you might well miss this with the elegant enchantment of Romina Kalsi’s voice always present to distract and entrance your ears.

That makes “OK, No Wait” a sophisticated selection of five songs that will find new friends amongst those who appreciate a melody.
Review Date: September 22 2017