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  Uncommon Good by Busty and The Bass

Uncommon Good cover art

Artist: Busty and The Bass
Title: Uncommon Good
Catalogue Number: Indica Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

In the grey world that is the modern day music business, the past often seems to be the new future with band after band rummaging through charity shops in search of something that the good people out there might have forgotten they had heard before. Busty and The Bass - from Canada, it would seem – do indeed tread the path of the past yet it would also seem that this is more out of affection than anything else.

There is, for example, humour to be found within the bounds of their album “Uncommon Good”. I can’t remember the last time I heard a convincing Eminem impersonation yet you will find the purified essence of Slim Shady loud and proud all the way through “Memories and Melodies”. Busty and The Bass also make it their business to hit the replay button on the dancefloor of the nineties with “Closer” successfully mixing the ghost of mainstream jazz funk with today’s rock solid four to the floor rhythms.

Whilst the appeal of this band to a hygiene compromised festival audience would be hard to deny, Busty and The Bass clearly have the musical abilities to make ploughing those fields sown with the sounds of the past an enjoyable experience for even those who value cleanliness with their easy going style likely to lead to a successful harvest during the all important summer season. Not many bands will make you smile these days but Busty and The Bass will.
Review Date: September 24 2017