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  In Deep Love EP by Beca

In Deep Love EP cover art

Artist: Beca
Title: In Deep Love EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

One thing is for certain. There are no natural ingredients anywhere in Beca’s “In Deep Love“ EP with all that modern day technology can bring to music being brought to bear on these songs. However, that is less of a problem than you might imagine as Beca is clearly a woman with the ambition and desire to become queen of the dancefloor and that is most definitely an entirely synthetic environment these days. Yet we are not talking the hardcore dancefloor but the dancefloor occupied by the glittery uptown people. Money, after all,  talks and money is where it is at.

She puts not a step wrong in her chosen mission with every heavily processed beat and note placed in exactly the right place to sound just right in both the club and in the leased Mercedes SUV. It seems almost disingenuous to talk of favourites here as all these songs are straightjacketed to the point of inflexibility but “Sea Of Sadness and the title track “In Deep Love” do shine as examples of how it should be done in the modern musical environment.

That said, and despite all the plastic coating, Beca’s voice still manages to exude a degree of allure that would suggest that she has the passion to, one day, escape the computerised confinement that currently imprisons her talent.
Review Date: September 24 2017