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  Newt EP by Newt

Newt EP cover art

Artist: Newt
Title: Newt EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

I wouldn’t normally associate Northern Ireland with the kind of music that Newt produce but life is what it is and surprises are generally good things with this band demonstrating that they have the ability and skill to make something that is more than a little interesting and, at times, somewhat oblique.

Certainly, those rough edged guitars are redolent of the wastelands of indie rock but Newt add a degree of discipline and intelligence that bodes well for both their future and your current musical enjoyment. Their angular approach doesn’t, however, destroy melody with “Not Around”, in particular, being strong enough to make the transition from the bar to the Mitsubishi Evo and even those who are less urban trendsetters than rock fans of the sounds of the past will perk up their ears to the free flowing – dare I say jazz inflected? - flexibility that underpins “DANCE”.

So, Newt’s self-titled EP gives you than you might expect of a mere three songs and, simultaneously, provides proof that Newt could easily step on up to the next level.
Review Date: September 24 2017