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  This Is Where I Leave You by Davys

This Is Where I Leave You cover art

Artist: Davys
Title: This Is Where I Leave You
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Funny that. You listen to an album and you would swear on the Bible – or the Google these days – that you were listening to an American band. However, Davys – aka Jacopo Cislaghi – is Italian and his album “This Is Where I Leave You” consequently benefits from his European respray of some smarter than average guitar powered rock music.

The songs on this album benefit from a certain familiarity that highlights all those well-kent chord progressions without adding even a hint of irony yet that very lack of irony is actually core to the music. The bass riff that leads us into “Down South”, for example, is a fine example of misdirection. You think you have heard it before – and you have – yet the song itself is far more melody rather than memory driven than you might otherwise be expecting. The guitar is everywhere and it, despite the lyrical introspection, is everything here with the sonic contribution of that most royal of rock music instruments spinning songs like “2011” – the best song on the album – and “Find A Way” up into the sky as a result of its motivational power.

So, all in all, “This Is Where I Leave You” is more than you might think it is and that bodes well for Davys. Another album must surely follow.
Review Date: October 1 2017