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  Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter by Travel In Space

Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter cover art

Artist: Travel In Space
Title: Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records OLR 66
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

One day scientists will no doubt determine that the magic ingredient that holds together all the atoms in the universe is actually reverb and, consequently, the more lo-fi reverb – the most powerful type – you have then the better the world will be. I’ve no idea if Travel in Space are scientists in their spare time – probably not – but this German rock ‘n’ roll duo put enough reverb into their album “Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter” to fix the moon at the very least.

I’d say something about the songs but they don’t really matter here as, with everything smeary and manic by intention, this album is actually about the mood and, after a beer or two has passed your lips, their mood will be your mood and, with the volume cranked to the heavens, those feet that normally trip you up might even feel like dancing especially when the frenzied “Zigaretten Holen” crashes out of the speakers.

So, “Das Schlagzeug meiner Mutter” isn’t smart and is, in fact, pretty simple. That said, this album is also fun and even scientists need fun. So play it loud and watch the world become a better place.
Review Date: October 9 2017