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  Soul Escape by Jessica Fine

Soul Escape cover art

Artist: Jessica Fine
Title: Soul Escape
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

At seven tracks long it's not clear if this should be classified as a long EP or a short album.  Either way it is certainly well worth listening to.  Jessica has successfully created a gentle pop sound; however it is not the sugar-coated or sickly sweet type of gentleness.  She incorporates a little bit of funk, just a hint of rock and some torch-song influences along the way.  And at times there is a surprisingly raw edge to her music.


It is perhaps not surprising then that you get a varied set of songs to cast your ears over.  The opening track "Running Back To You" is one of the best, and has a distinct soulful sound at its heart.  On the other hand the title track "Soul Escape" has a raunchier funky sound to it than the rest helping it to standout - and deservedly so.  "This Time" also leans toward the funky soulful side, albeit with a hint of rock.  The more sedate "Fav'rite Dream" is underpinned by a deep dense bass, and coupled with the Julie London style vocals, it just seems to melt all over you.

Jessica posses a fine voice which imparts real depth to the songs.  The album also benefits from her having avoided ploughing the lone furrow of just one musical style.  Always knew that you should sow your seed as widely as possible for the best results!
Review Date: June 24 2007