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  One Big Fire by Anna Tosh

One Big Fire cover art

Artist: Anna Tosh
Title: One Big Fire
Catalogue Number: Esprit De Corps
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

Music and fashion have always been inextricably linked so it takes little in the way of imagination to see Anna Tosh becoming the new darling of the trendies and hipsters that inhabit the better pubs and clubs. In her favour though is the fact that she goes deeper than most with her lyrics and that, indeed, is something of a prime selling point for her in these days of thesaurus induced homogeneity.

The most commercial offerings on her EP “One Big Fire” are undoubtedly “Weightless “ and “Edge of Cool” with both those songs screaming for a placement on a movie soundtrack. However, there is also rather more intellectually stimulating stuff here to consider with the guitar driven dystopia of “Idle Kid” and spiritual disconnection of “One Big Fire” providing more than enough complexity to pique the interest of the forever hungry ears of the connoisseur.

I am way too cool to get excited about anything these days yet I have to consider the facts and draw the conclusion that Anna Tosh might even be counted as a protest singer in these twisted times of ours. A cause for excitement? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
Review Date: October 23 2017