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  Live at the Grind by Mudfunk

Live at the Grind cover art

Artist: Mudfunk
Title: Live at the Grind
Catalogue Number: Angry Gerbil Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This duo is certainly unique.  Sean Rowe provides vocals that appear to have been dug out of a very deep gravel pit, along with some fine guitar work; while Marco Haber is a man with a drum.  Just the one.  However this lack of a stadium-sized drum kit proves no hindrance as he puts most drummers to shame with the rhythms and sounds he brings into existence.

The highlight is undoubtedly their take on the Temptations' classic "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone".  And although it may lack the psychedelic funkiness of the original, it does retain the throbbing beat and intensity of sound which coupled with Sean's rough edged vocals makes this a real treat.  This track aside all the others have been written by Sean, with the understated yet funky "Dope" and intricately rhythmic "Alone" being the best.  Of the others "Let's Not Let It Waste", which perceptively broaches the difficult subject matter of cancer, also stands out.

Ironically, given it is a live recording, this CD does not quite match their performances in the flesh.  That quibble aside, Mudfunk's patented acoustic and percussive driven funk edged sound is worth giving a chance.  Especially if you get the opportunity to actually catch them live.
Review Date: June 24 2007